Pivoting with Purpose: The Hamster Wheel, the Rat Race, and Other Career Myths Holding You Back

Toto, we most definitely aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Chapter 1: Your Stories Don’t Own You


Quieting the Doubters

Chapter 2: WTF Do You Want?

Glimmers of a vision.

“But Melisa, what do you mean feel it? Like how we’re supposed to feel it when we meet our soulmate?” Let me explain.

Melisa Meral is a Speaker, Author, and Coach and CEO of Make SHT Happen LLC. She coaches her clients in Pro Organizer Bootcamp to get off the fence and start utilizing their natural gifts & talents to build a business!

Speaker I Author | Coach I CEO of Make SHT Happen LLC I Pro organizer turned no-BS coach for service-based businesses!